Caveat Lector

A Note about the ordering of my posts: right now I’m writing my way through a serial of short essays detailing the unfortunate and wild series of events that lead up to and explain how and why this blog got started. The first of these posts is “The Fire” and I move chronologically from there. The stories in this serial are assembled in the order they’re intended to be read in, on the subpage “How I Got Here” and are divided into numbered parts corresponding to the original posts to make the page itself easier to read. But the serial isn’t finished yet! I’m up to Part 6 out of who-knows-how-many more, however many it takes to tell the whole story of how I got here, in concise(ish) (tangential might actually be a better word) posts.

So if you’re new here and are interested in how some of the posts are chronologically related or are interested in the story behind the blog, I suggest you go to the subpage “How I Got Here” to see how the posts in the serial fit together chronologically.

And thanks to everyone who’s taken the time to read this blog– we’re past the 300 followers mark! I hope it’s been entertaining/inspiring/educational, or, at the very least, interesting. I’m still fairly shocked (and very grateful) that anyone who doesn’t know me would take the time to stop and read my blog. The comments have been amazing and humbling– so keep them coming– good, bad and ugly! This is my first real writing endeavor and a little support has really gone a long way.

So thanks again to all my patient readers and followers. I’ve been horribly and torturously tied up studying for the bar so I’ve been posting less frequently– but trying to get back to more frequent posting! Thanks again for your time and interest, readers– cheers to you!

Also, feel free to contact me if you have any comments/questions/concerns or just want to say hi!  


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