Therapy art ala Mania



2 responses to “Therapy art ala Mania

  • tinapitta

    Nice art here. I also like your blog title and design. whatever its worth you do have talent and for someone scrolling around today trying to find someone to relate helped me. sometimes I wonder if one reason we are familiar with really &^%^$#states of mind and mood…is that we can become “surveyors” for others…”guideposts and trailguides”. Maybe that is the one reason we go through this…cuz I cannot figure out why this makes life better or more fulfilling. It onoly seems like a tragic waste.

    Quite frankly I feel ashamed and indulgent ..yet there is no escaping!!!… this interior is so dark heavy and stultifying…ahhhhh. whatever I appreciate you having the energy and the guts to matter who is with or not with you..even alone your talking to us and we are interested.

    • gmercier4388

      I appreciate your interest in the blog and especially your comments on my art. Drawing and painting have been a part of my life for awhile and recently I’ve repurposed both writing and drawing to serve the therapeutic uses I so desperately need right now.

      I’m starting to think its gets better. You just have to fight, which is the hardest part. When I’m at my lowest, fighting is the last thing I want to do. Unfortunately, I’m not full of wisdom but I appreciate your interest in my blog. Best of luck out there!

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